Square Bowls

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Square Bowls – Try turning them 45 degrees and have a completely different look to the piece.

Sometimes one needs a challenge, to create an item of beauty, flowing, tactile and to be viewed from every angle. All my Sculptural Turning is marked out with initial precision in preparation of turning, from selected timber. Additionally they can be turned off centre or rely on my experience of the natural movement of timber.

For the last twenty five years I have been turning these square bowls – making a small number  every year..

When placed on a mirror for display they can create conversation – How do you produce that? – not realising it is the reflection!

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African Ebony, African Padauk, Honduras Rosewood, Rippled Sycamore, Holly, Laburnum


105mm x 105mm x 34mm, 140mm x 140mm x 45mm, x 145mm x 145mm x 38mm, 145mm x 145mm x 44mm