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Boards (Cutting, Chopping, Bread, Cheese, Display)

All Colin’s boards are made from a single piece of timber (they will not fail on the glue joints – like most that are commercially produced). Different sizes of board are available, the versatility and use of the boards, is beyond Bread, Cutting, Serving, Cheese and Display purposes. The heavier the board, the denser the timber and the better it is for cutting onto. You should also look at the direction of the “end grain” (if this runs at 90 degrees to the cutting surface) – this board will be likely to stay flat and more stable. (Quarter – sawn). I generally make my boards this way, although less attractive. With Oak – this is the exception, as the medullary rays will show more prominently.

The smaller boards in width, I tend to make use of the more attractive grains (Olive Ash in particular). These are more attractive as I make more use of the flat sawn grain. I select these boards carefully so you will always be cutting on a stable base even if the board distorts. The boards come with care instructions – they are easy to maintain and will give a lifetime of use. Scoop Handles – Easy to pick up and put a saucer or plate underneath to slide food across without spilling it, on surface between.