Commissioning a piece from Colin Norgate is an enjoyable and exciting process. I love putting clients’ ideas into practice … from the bowl in the shape of a spiked conker shell I made for a 40th birthday, to stunning ecclesiastical elements for churches and cathedrals.


  1. Initial discussion to draw up a brief.
  2. Scale drawing (1:10 scale). Further discussion about designs, choice of timber and details.
  3. Confirmation and commencement of your commission.
  4. Halfway: I invite you to view the piece under construction.
  5. Completion: You come in to view the final piece before delivery.


We agree a brief after a preliminary discussion. This will include proposals for the design, type of timber, your budget and timescale for production.

I will draw some ideas to produce a scale drawing (1:10 scale).

Initial Consultation Fee

After the initial brief, and before the process of a scale drawing, there will be an initial fee of 10% of the final price.


Once the design has been agreed and you are happy to proceed with the commission there will be three equal payments of the remaining 90% of the fee:

First payment: start of job: 30%
Second payment: halfway: 30%
Final payment: on completion: 30%


I will personally arrange delivery to you.