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A new project – for me! (ideas?)

By 14th May 2020News, Uncategorised
Garden Gate in Oak

A new project – for me! (ideas?)

A new project – for me! (ideas?) As planned – but not with this current pandemic situation) – As RHS Wisley with Craft in Focus was cancelled this Spring, Commissions all completed for now (I will happily hold any conversations by email.)

Starting a week or two before I envisaged due to the cancellation of RHS Wisley – I had a lot of Oak (some which were green oak constructions / projects in the past number of years)

I have been in need of a garden gate for many years – I decided to set to, making a gate that matched the style of work I had already completed within my home.

To mark these very unusual circumstances – I decided to call it the “lockdown gate” (for obvious reasons) – The joints are mortice and tenon construction throughout with pegged joints. The top half of the gateĀ  is randomly cut out of some curved grained pieces of oak I had lying around waiting for such a project.

The uprights are cut out freehand straight from the bandsaw and curved pieces jointed to give a lattice effect. This matches my signature range of furniture I normally produce. Exposed to the elements I wanted the same appearance but not the woven lattice I use for internal use.

I have made a small number of special external oak pieces over the years. These include benches, fences, gates and even some raised vegetable beds. I don’t tend to advertise these rustic pieces…… but they do take place!

Do you have a project in mind?